The Complete Package

The Complete Package

Our fully integrated 360° business product, typically results in increased margins via an improving ROI. This comprises of CRM integration, Call Tracking & Recording, Google Analytics integration, PPC and Marketing management. As a result of this, we possess the flexibility to oversee both online and offline marketing streams, and increase efficiency by reducing non-converting adverts (online and offline) while optimising factors (such as location, timing, advertisement design and call handling) for streams that perform.

This can have a dramatic effect on your marketing budget, i.e. drastically reduce spend and dramatically increase ROI.

From this integration into CRM, Call Tracking and Google Analytics you (or our consultants) can see:
  • Exactly which marketing streams are working
  • Which customers are delivering
  • How much they cost, and what your return of investment is (ROI)
  • You are able to listen into reception handling of calls and optimise advertisements and training appropriately
  • You can direct leaflets into those that convert more, or target different areas with different numbers

A real client example


Client Journey








From Google Adwords we can work out the exact cost of the conversion

By linking into the CRM we can get an exact ROI




An investment of 87p led to a return of £4935



Returns Report Example

Drill down data reports can also give client details and spend

A more detailed example (note certain marketing media did not produce any transactions these were subsequently stopped)

Time of day data can even show what time PPC campaigns are converting and hence adjusted to reduce ineffective advertising

Webpage Returns (by analysing what pages convert, we can optimise non converting pages more and direct SEO/PPC efforts accordingly)





Drive investment decisions:

Which marketing form should you continue to invest in?

Where should you invest PPC or SEO?

Keyword Analysis: Which keywords should you advertise/ optimise?

ROI on PPC; Which campaigns/keywords work?

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