CRM Add On

CRM Add On

By integrating the Advertising Analytics modules to existing CRMs using a customisable API, we can provide our customers with unparalleled marketing information, such as;

Source / Medium

Marketing source where clients came from

Keyword Reporting

If internet advertising which keyword is converting



Which webpages clients have viewed before contacting you



The dates and times which the clients interacted with you, via website, phone call etc



Double down to exactly which campaigns are producing an ROI


Analyse what works



Listen to inbound and outbound calls for front desk training


Time of Contact / Conversation

Useful to time certain adverts and also increase bids for certain keywords at increased conversion times


By linking adwords/ advertising costs to client spend via your CRM we can get an accurate ROI

This can provide the CRM provider higher fees (licence and phone call charges), increased customer retention and good will.

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