Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Advertising Analytics allows you to track your marketing efforts from the internet (SEO/PPC) to off-line marketing like prints adverts. From this you can drive improvements to your bottom line by understanding what works and improving what doesn’t.

The analytics platform by Advertising Analytics can generate multiple telephone numbers for your business to use. These can be used to track marketing campaigns (dynamic numbers for internet websites, static numbers for print and social media, and internal promotions). By linking this to your CRM and Google Analytics, you have an incredible tool that can help drive improvements to your business. The platform is then able to generate a report on the effectiveness of each of those campaigns.

Analysis of the reports can determine; whether the campaign has been successful, needs adapting or simply needs changing if unsuccessful. By linking the AA platform to your CRM, you can ascertain who is coming in from where and how much they are spending, to reveal a more accurate ROI. The Call Recording function can drive improvements to front desk call handling and direct training, as well as provide data on sales leaders, and useful KPI metrics.

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Incoming and outgoing phone calls are monitored and recorded.

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By linking our platform to your CRM, we can retrieve data such as; names, addresses, date of birth and customer spend hence having an idea of who is spending what.

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From Google Adwords we can work out the exact cost of the conversion.

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By linking into the CRM we can get an exact ROI.

Client Journey - Step 5

A marketing (PPC) Investment of 87p led to a revenue of £4935

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